About our school

The school has a history of decades.
Till 1992 the school was named after Armenian legendary revolutionary Kamo.
In 1992 by the help of argentine- armenians Siranush and Armenak Arzumanyan- Metsaturyans the school was totally repaired, sport and party hall were built.
In 1992, September 21st the school renamed “Argentinean Republic”. During these years the school has been visited by state authorities of Argentina, such as the president Carlos Menem with his daughter, the ambassador of Argentina in Moscow Arnoldo Lipten, other responsible employees of the embassy, representatives of culture and science.
There is a close massage connection between the school and the school “Grigor Lousasavorich” of Buenos Ayres. The foundation “Poghos-Arzoumanyan” has a great support for the school. In 1996 there is placed the statue of the national hero of Argentina Khose de San Martin in front of the school.
There is taught Spanish beside English, Russian and French at school.
The schoolteachers are proudly caring on good traditions, founded by elder generation, they are participating in temporary educational, social and political lives.
There are often organized interesting measures intellectual competitions at school.
The school has given many graduated pupils, who have received high education and become doctors, engineers, journalists, linguists, teachers, different advanced specialists of the area of the national economy.